Jun. 1st, 2012

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[ Video ]
[ With a click, the video begins. Homura's expression is just about void of emotion, as she's taken the last five minutes reminding herself not to break. It's uncommon for Homura to introduce herself to new people, but she's trying to make this introduction as brief and painless as possible to avoid showing any cracks in her resolve. ]

My name is Homura Akemi. I'm a Magical Girl who contracted with a creature called Kyuubey. If you are a similar magical girl or know of one then please contact me. If a girl named Madoka Kaname is foolish enough to be taken here then please contact me. I can hold my own in a fight and do not expect anyone to come to my aid. Let's end this quickly and without any unnecessary distraction.

... It's nice to meet you all.

[ With that, the video ends. ]

[ Foundry District ]
[ Though she doesn't intend to waste her time with social interactions, Homura does see some appeal in getting to know her neighbors. At least enough to know their names... Maybe, secretly, she'd like to be at least somewhat friendly. Maybe know who she could turn to as potential allies.

So you'll find her wandering about. If she spots anyone at all, she'll calmly wave to them and offer a greeting
. ] Good day to you. Are you exploring the area as well?

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[Adjusting the screen, Lena smiled into it for a moment before brushing her hair back. There's a jewel in her earring and she clears her throat.]

My name is Lena Sayers, and I'm an Otome from Garderobe. It's a colony world far away from Earth. I'm usually bonded with King Bruce Windbloom but it seems that my contract with him has gone dark for the time being. So I'm looking for someone to aid in this situation. If not I'll be asking our host to support my materialization powers.

I'm kind of surprised I'm able to do this here anyhow, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll be in the Deeps District all day getting used to the layout of this place.

[Later on you can find Lena wandering around in casual clothing, checking out the area around her new home. She's quite impressed with the decor and isn't paying much attention to the surroundings apparently, even if that wasn't the case.]

Seems like they're really intent on keeping this place safe...
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Huh...that's a pretty neat way to do it.

*There's what looks like a twelve year old boy on the screen, looking at his PDA with a mix of curiosity and slight amusement that indicates he finds it more different than impressive. But his expression quickly turns more serious now that it's time to actually address people.*

Alright, listen up. My name's Gaignun Kukai Jr., but everyone just calls me Jr. I hear you've got a war over the fate of the universe on your hands, and that just happens to be something I've got a bit of experience with.

Before you ask, yeah, I'm gonna be fighting. Don't underestimate me because I look young, I've probably kicked just as much ass as any of you, and led more armies to boot.

And if the name Kukai sounds familiar to anyone here, sound off. I can't be the only one from my world they asked, right?
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[After some confusion, and fiddling with his device, Soma rubs the back of his neck sheepishly]

Well, I never expected to get drafted... uhm. I'm Soma Cruz, a student normally. I can use a variety of magic, and weapons, so I'll help out however I can. If anyone recognizes me, the name Belmont or Arikado, let me know. Okay?

And if there's anything I can help with, let me know.

(man, as if my life isn't weird enough already...)

[he speaks again, realizing he's trailing off into his thoughts]

I'll be taking a walk in the foundry district to see where everything is.


[True to his word, he's wandering the area, standing out with his white hair and white coat, examining everything with a curious, but cautious eye]
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[The PDA's feed opens to a very large blue eye. Said eye pulls back to show the huge round glasses frames around it, and the girl attached to the glasses. She smiles brightly and pushes those glasses up before speaking.]

Oh hey, there it goes... I mean, hi there! My name's Lucca. Lucca Ashtear. Wow, this place is amazing! I never thought I'd EVER find a mash-up of technology like this... A-anyway, I'm now rooming in the Deeps District, and before I get down to business I'd like to get to know everyone... also, does anyone know of a workshop or machine shop or some place that I can get to know what we'll be working with?
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I suppose it's time for less complaining, and more getting other people to do stuff. So, it looks like getting a team for intelligence gathering and such's been left up to me by Thor, since I was the first to talk to him about it. I'm looking for other people good at that kind of thing. Or getting in and doing things without the enemies noticing. I suppose some might call that kind of thing "dirty work", though taking care of problem quietly's a normal thing to do with enemies. Anyway, if you're good at that sort of thing, I'm looking for you. Also, if you know anyone like that, I'd like to talk to them.

If you were there for that attack, you might've noticed some battleships crashing and enemies attacking each other for no reason. I was messing with their perceptions. And I've some experience with helping find people information and targets. I did that sort of thing a lot in that thing that my world's now calling the Dream Savior War. Those magical girls would've had a lot more trouble even finding the enemy without me. I don't really care about bragging, but I was saying all that so you know my qualifications.

The rest of you should look into organizing yourselves as well. Even just having a good idea of who's good at what sorts of thing'll help.


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