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WHO: [personal profile] Yoko Littner & [personal profile] Wilhelm
WHAT: Continuation of this discussion in person
WHERE: Wilhelm's home
WHEN: Evening of July 7th
LOG: Heartful Cry )
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[ During those riots, a very large, and obscenely fast green mech with a long, jagged spike sticking out of one its arms repeatedly darts back and forth through the city, spraying down flak-lasers in wide, impossible precise arcs, almost never missing a shot.

One thing people who know anything about mechs might realize is that E.S. Joshua is rather skeletal in appearance, with no visible cockpit; only a long 'spine' connecting its hollow top to its legs. This might make some people think it's AI-controlled, but those with psychic abilities can tell there's something else entirely controlling it.

Meanwhile, those who check on Wilhelm's frequency can see him simply staring into the Compass, very intently, obviously concentrating on something. ]
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Shion, Allen, Junior, is there anything missing for your rooms that you cannot locate?

[KOS-MOS isn't missing anything. Mostly because she has nothing really, except her maintenance bed/monocycle and Dinah. And Dinah obviously wasn't kept in her room.]

Miss Ashtear. I've located several books that were on your list. [And your underwear.] The ones I cannot locate are likely to have already been returned to you. Would you like me to come and meet you?

Video ☆

Jul. 1st, 2012 02:18 pm
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[ Homura was lucky. Very lucky. She doesn't have much of importance for the Monkey King to take from her. Anything missing from her room has gone completely unnoticed; her books weren't going to be read anyway and she already stuck her new weapons in her shield.

But, just to be on the safe side, she decides to take precautions against a strike two. It's just taken her a while to summon the courage to actually bring this up publicly... It's terrifying to admit to this, since people may think poorly of her afterwards, but she has to. She can't risk being separated from her body.

Nothing of mine was taken, though I approve no less of those "hijinks". Despite my luck, I cannot count on it to continue. So I am taking precautions.

[ She holds her Soul Gem to the video. ] I am this gem. In the case that I am separated from my body, please return this to me as quickly as possible. I am hard to break, but I would appreciate you being careful.

Thank you. [ And she switches the camera's focus from herself to the wall. Not to be rude, but because she's a bit nervous after saying that and doesn't want to let it show. She immediately recognizes the downfalls of revealing her weakness... maybe she shouldn't put so much trust in these people.
Homura grips her gem tightly, then focuses the camera on herself again.

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[ Strangely enough, Wilhelm's room in the Deeps is... clean. Anyone who might have wandered in there before would have noticed it was thoroughly trashed, but now, it was as if nothing ever happened. And it's a known fact that Wilhelm didn't ask for help with cleaning his room. ]

The Monkey King was wise not to try to touch this.

[ Wilhelm says, as he turns to the Compass. There's a half-full glass of wine next to it, and the very corner of Joshua could be seen through the window adjacent to the window. Wilhelm doesn't seem even the slightest bit bothered by what transpired a few nights ago. If anything, he seems rather content. ]

It appears to be the only thing in my room he didn't come near. That is... intriguing.
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 [Shiro lands in the Bifrost with a thud, landing on her butt. She looks around for a few minutes, shouting.]

Totoooooo! Gantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  

[A sudden sad look crosses her face.]

Ganta's angry at Shiro...
Noooot Gantaaaaa!

WAIT! That's what Shiro wished for, right. Ganta won't be angry at her anymore! [She lights up like a Christmas tree.]

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[ Wilhelm can be seen in the video, pouring a glass of wine for himself. The camera angle reveals a bit more of his room, now, clearly indicating that he's in the Deeps district. The Compass of Order and Chaos was still fully functional, the two rings rotating around a translucent, green cube of energy. Wilhelm's back was to the camera for now, as he prepared his drink.

For someone as mindblowingly wealthy as Wilhelm is in his own world, his new apartment was relatively modest. He had come out of his office for now, the Compass still inside it, seated on a desk in a room with an open door, a painting by Van Gogh behind it. The room the office was apparently connected to appeared to be a living room of some kind, with a sunken, but still comfortable-looking leather couch, a few wall-mounted candles, and a fancy chandelier. Off to the side was a wine rack, full of bottles, and a few having been removed. ][ Wilhelm finally finished pouring his drink, and casually sat down on the couch, crossing one of his legs over the other. Maybe he's just taking a break? ]

I believe it is time that I assisted in the defense of this city. Would you not agree?

[ As the Deeps were giant cave full of geothermal power generators, there was no need for windows. Wilhelm's, however, did have a window, apparently, as a giant, glowing red eye in the shape of a strange, runic symbol suddenly lit up, dominating the view visible from the camera. ]

I will be sending Joshua into the battlefield now. He will be fighting on my behalf.

[ A silo of some kind must have opened, as sunlight began pouring down on Joshua's head. Suddenly, the giant, green mech shot upwards and out of sight from the window, as the feed ends. ]
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*The face on the screen looks mildly curious in the way of someone looking at something mildly obsolete.*

-and that does that. Man, talk about outdated.

So, ah, I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Allen Ridgeley, former chief of Vector Industries' First R&D Division. Though I guess most people here wouldn't know a thing about Vector, huh?

*He scratches the back of his head a bit awkwardly, then clears his throat and continues.*

A-anyway, I'm not much of a fighter, but I am pretty good with technology, so I'll see what I can do in that area. Shion, you're here too, right? Could you fill me in on what the technology here's like overall? This communicator can't be the best, right?

And...KOS-MOS... *He struggles a bit, trying to figure out what to say.* Report in.
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[There's a pair of crimson eyes gazing into the PDA's screen, blue hair framing her face and a strange piece of head gear that most certainly can't be called a helmet. There's no expression on her face, she's quite serious right now. Ensuring that she wasn't there alone had been her first priority after the Valkyrie had brought her. There was a vague sense of relief that she wouldn't admit to, when she found three names listed: Gaignun Kukai Junior, Shion Uzuki and Wilhelm.

Mary's Will responded to the last name but not enough that either one would switch control right now.]

I am KOS-MOS, an Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon. I was brought here, as most of you were, by the Valkyrie to defend this place.

I have a priority that supersedes that however. Shion. I request that we meet somewhere as soon as possible. I can be located, at most times, in the Palace District where I have been assigned residence. Or I can come find you. My programming allows me to keep track of your life readings.
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[ Another new recruit to the city! REJOICE, REJOICE! Or don't. But there's a young woman studying her PDA with a non-plussed expression. Perhaps she's seen something like it before. Before she gets too distracted with inspecting the other features, she addresses the network. ]

There we go, it should be ... right. Good morning, my name is Shion Uzuki. I was Chief of the Vector's R&D Division back home, but that's not important right now. More importantly is that the Valkyrie brought me - all of us - here for a reason. I may not look like much, but I am fully capable of fighting alongside everyone else here, and I intend to pull my own weight, both in battle and out. If anyone needs to reach me for any reason, I've been assigned housing in the Dock's district, or you can contact me over this network.

Also - according to this screen here... it would appear that someone else from my world is here. I am relieved; Jr., give me a call if you see this. We should talk.
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I suppose it's time for less complaining, and more getting other people to do stuff. So, it looks like getting a team for intelligence gathering and such's been left up to me by Thor, since I was the first to talk to him about it. I'm looking for other people good at that kind of thing. Or getting in and doing things without the enemies noticing. I suppose some might call that kind of thing "dirty work", though taking care of problem quietly's a normal thing to do with enemies. Anyway, if you're good at that sort of thing, I'm looking for you. Also, if you know anyone like that, I'd like to talk to them.

If you were there for that attack, you might've noticed some battleships crashing and enemies attacking each other for no reason. I was messing with their perceptions. And I've some experience with helping find people information and targets. I did that sort of thing a lot in that thing that my world's now calling the Dream Savior War. Those magical girls would've had a lot more trouble even finding the enemy without me. I don't really care about bragging, but I was saying all that so you know my qualifications.

The rest of you should look into organizing yourselves as well. Even just having a good idea of who's good at what sorts of thing'll help.
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*It takes a bit, but she finally gets a hang of this new artifact. Useful. She supposes.*

To the mortals out there: Do not think that my fighting by your side means that I am in any way interested in becoming "friends." I am no longer human, and I see no reason to become attached to them anymore. That you are catching me in a time of my life where my resentment no longer burns as it once did is fortunate on your part, not mine. I fight for one reason and one reason only: to preserve the world my Prince Shoutoku resides in. I have no interest in anything else.

I am Soga no Tojiko. We work together in this fight. That is all.
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[ The camera depicts a small room in the Deeps apartments; considering how nice a lot of those apartments are, the room this broadcast is coming from is actually rather subdued, and unimpressive, with only the bare minimum of amenities. Unless, of course, you count a device in there the likes of which many of you have likely never seen before; a flat, golden disk laid out on a table, with a green, translucent cube of energy hovering above it, rotating and revolving three hundred and sixty degress in place, sometimes changing directions. Two circles rotated around it as well, in a gyroscopic fashion. Someone then begins speaking, but the source of the voice is off-screen. The contact is listed as 'Wilhelm.' ]

This dimension has its own Collective Unconscious.

[ The voice is eerily calm, and barely inflects at all. Any interest present in his words can only be implied; he addresses it as casually as if he were talking about the weather. ]

The 'Valkyrie' promised me a way to save my own universe from the activation of Anima, without the use of the Eternal Recurrence. I am unaware of how such a feat would be possible, but I am willing to cooperate, for now.

[ At the very edge of the screen, Wilhelm's fingers drum on the desk a few times, before the camera raises, implying that whoever was holding it had just stood up. He then walks over to a nearby phonograph, and placed a record on it, while turning the crank. The music of German composer Richard Wagner began playing, as Wilhelm returned to his desk. ]

The Compass is showing me a presence similar to that of U-DO here, only bearing its own individual consciousness instead of one large hive mind. This world, if nothing else, is fascinating.


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