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*Christ on a crutch. He'd heard about this phenomenon going on, but he hadn't really expected to come face to face with it. Then this guy just went straight out nuts in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and the only guy there with any skill at ALL in handling it was the Hungry Wolf himself. So he'd thrown his hat in. Not literally, mind; he only threw his hat in victories.

Which he's beginning to wonder if he could scrounge out of this.

The madman has no technical skill at all, but in his state is so difficult to put down he almost didn't need it. Terry's been holding his own, but he's getting a little tired. His opponent isn't.

There'd been rumors of this sort of fighting happening back home. Whispers. He didn't know what the name of it was, but supposedly there were fighters out there who would just totally lose it. Couldn't feel pain, couldn't think reason. All they wanted to do was destroy -- and that seems to be what he's up against. He needs to end this now.*

Geez, you really are a tough cookie, aren't you... Looks like I'm really going to have to pull out all the stops here.

*His opponent only screeches in reply, and the two charge each other again. Ho boy.*
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[ Yoko unfortunately has yet to have an opportunity to get an update on the news. After her appearance in this place, she's stuck to what's been familiar to her for the past few years. While she couldn't exactly adopt all the orphaned children here, she did take care of a fair number of them. Even though it's summer, she's insisted that they should still study and they've been all too eager to do just that. While out though, they are under attack by a psychotic refugee.

Those who are nearby may want to help out with the situation as this woman in a pencil skirt doesn't seem much like a fighter. Neither do the children that are huddled around her legs.

After that attack (whether handled by her own hands or by another), Yoko will use her journal to contact those who may be listening in. ]

Today just proved one thing to me. These children need a roof over their head while their education is my responsibility. [ Propping her head up. ] I'm looking for a stable enough building that can function not only as a school, but a safe haven for those who don't need this violence. A bunker maybe?

[ Her face lights up as though she's just remembered something. ]

Is there anyone who would like to go to school here? [ The smile on her face widens a bit more. ] Also, are there people who would be interested in teaching as well? I wouldn't mind fronting most of the hard work.
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Action; All over Midgard

[This new berserker rage epidemic was probably the very worst thing that could happen to Lancer...or anything else around him. When Lancer went berserk, it wasn't simply a matter of being too angry to realize what he was hitting. No, both his physical and mental state contorted to turn him into something less than human. He was no more than a shambling monster that tore a trail of destruction as he ran through the city.]

[He was angry. Angry at himself for being alive even though his Master is already dead. Angry at everything else for standing in his way. Angry at <i>her</i> for dying and leaving him. He wanted to rip everything apart to create a bloody sacrifice for his Master in the next world.]

[Those who run into him in this state can try to fight and restrain him, but unless they have a certain amount of skill and physical durability, they are very likely to become badly injured or worse.]

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[Nadeshiko had been around the Docks when things started going crazy. More and more civilians were starting to follow her and several of them had large weapons torn from somewhere. Gauging them, she held up her buckle.]


[One transformation later, she sent opponents flying. It was about this time, that she got a opponent in a headlock and he was struggling. He seemed to be choking. You might want to tell her to ease off before she snaps someone's neck.]
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Constance had just ordered when the news went on, she may not watch TV, only because they didn’t exist on her world, but radios did and she could tell by the urgency of the voice that something was up.  Her favorite place wasn't that far from the library, the small walk had helped to clear her head, which was probably the only reason she tuned into the report.

Listening to it she frowned a little getting her drink. She was getting used to the crazy, at least it was keeping her on her toes. Paying for her drink she sipped at it heading out to one of the tables in front of the café, only to yelp jumping back when one of the said tables went airborne. Her wrist tapped her hip, her coffee flying at the table to knock it out of her way.

“Hey! Watch it will you! I actually like my cof-“ She ducked the chair glancing back to see the other patrons who had been outside were now getting inside. “Fee,” She finished flicking her whip of coffee to knock back another chair to buy some people time. Oh this is gonna suck isn’t it.

News Flash

Jul. 7th, 2012 12:41 pm
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[For those of you who watch the news.]

In a strange turn of events, refugees and citizens alike in Midgard have started flying into fits of berserker rage and going on violent rampages until the city guard take them down. So far there have been fifteen confirmed cases of this strange aggressive behavior, and until the cause is found, it's likely that this will continue. Pillars of the community, citizen and refugee alike, are turning to the gods and their servants for aid. We'll be bringing you more details as they become available. Until then, lets go to Tom with sports!

[For those of you who don't, there are citizens and refugees all over Midgard starting to go into psychotic rages, as mentioned above. They aren't EVERYWHERE, but they're common enough that it's very possible you'll run into one. Those effected do not have any supernatural strength or toughness, but are incredibly single minded in causing as much damage as possible and able to ignore pain or injuries that would normally incapacitate someone. Those that are captured show no sign of getting better, or even of saying anything coherent. This will not happen to player characters. Any OOC questions or IC reactions can go here, but we encourage in character investigation of this phenomena.]
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[After getting some time to figure out how things work, Mitsunari finally introduces himself]


[A kid in a rather... impressive headdress appears, with one red insectoid creature behind him and a smaller bladed one resting on his head]

Hello. I am Mitsunari Ishida, a warrior from Ransei - these are my pokemon, Scizor and Pawniard. I'll be preparing myself for when the enemies attack again, until then if you have anything to ask or talk to me about I will be near the Grand Library.

Pawni? Pa!

[He lets out a small, deflated sigh, addressing the creature on his head]

I don't think they have ponigiri here.
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[Soma can be found scouring the city for his missing charm - everything else he lost was found, but a small thing like that could be anywhere.

He's lifting pots, crawling under benches, even climbing up to peek into attics - that monkey could've tossed it anywhere, and he's really being precarious in his search]

Damn it... where is it?
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*The one good thing about being a ghost is that you are largely no longer tied to earthly possessions. As a result, she didn't really lose anything in the great Monkey Caper. She's been stumbling across peoples' lost possessions all over the place, though. Today seems to be no exception; there's a book she's just found on top of one of the buildings.*

Hmm, I wonder if this will be yet more confusing erotica.

*She opens it. And reads.

Careful observers might make out the sound of someone giggling like crazy from the top of one of the buildings. Is it worth investigating?*
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[There's an Erika wandering the streets with Coffret on her head. She just wanted to get out after making sure her place was perfectly livable. Perfectly meaning there was a pile of stuff and cloth and everything she needed to spend her days outside of fighting.]

Man this place is pretty cool. I should get to walking around more often.
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I hope that by now everyone has had their proper belongings returned to them. The next time that accursed Monkey King shows his face, I will put him to the sword.

That being said, I have a more important reason for making this broadcast, but first, let me introduce myself. And before you say it, no, I am not King Arthur. My name is Gawain, and I was once a Knight of the Round Table. You may perhaps know me also as the White Knight or...

[Gawain takes a deep breath and clenches his teeth. Clearly he's not terribly fond of this next title.]

...the Ladies' Knight.

But now, on to business. I am looking for someone. She is a young girl, a little above 150 centimeters in height. She has golden hair, green eyes, and her hair tied back with a blue ribbon. She also typically wears a blue dress adorned with armor on the chest and skirt, and gauntlets on her arms and metal boots on her feet. She is a relative of mine, and recently I've lost contact with her. It is imperative that I find her.

I thank you for your time.
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Shion, Allen, Junior, is there anything missing for your rooms that you cannot locate?

[KOS-MOS isn't missing anything. Mostly because she has nothing really, except her maintenance bed/monocycle and Dinah. And Dinah obviously wasn't kept in her room.]

Miss Ashtear. I've located several books that were on your list. [And your underwear.] The ones I cannot locate are likely to have already been returned to you. Would you like me to come and meet you?
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[Now that she has figured out of how to use this thing, Minako has decided it's probably time to introduce herself so when the video feed comes on, the network gets a slightly tired, but none the less friendly, smile and a bit of a wave.]

I guess needing medical attention isn't the best way to start my stay here, but now that I feel fine again, I figured I should introduce myself. [For a person who recently received medical attention she's pretty energetic.]

Anyways, I'm Minako Arisato and I'm here to help, I guess? [Mostly because she wants her world to be safe. One supernatural threat is more than enough, thanks.

She falls quiet for a bit then, as she thinks of how to continue. Come to think of it, she did see someone introducing themselves on this thing earlier and included...

Oh, as for what I can do, um... I think Personae are kind of a difficult concept to explain, but basically I'm good for both fighting and healing if necessary... [And if you look closely, there's what looks almost like a spear leaning against the wall behind her, though that's hardly her main weapon and she's not really acknowledging it right now. Do feel free to ponder though.]

I guess that's about it? [And then she does a bit of a mock salute.]

I look forward to being of assistance to you all!

Void 001

Jul. 1st, 2012 04:30 pm
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[So Shu has just arrived here in the land of Midgard through the Bifrost. Why he's currently here? Well because he just finished cleaning up the mess in Tokyo and has a lot of free time on his hands. Plus he has a whole lot making up to do and redemption. Sure he has started to forgive himself more and more but it's still not 100% just yet.

So he's going to log onto his book thing and introduce himself. There is a boy on the video, brown hair and brown eyes, he looks like any normal seventeen year old, except for the fact that there are crystals on his face.]


Hello, I'm Ouma Shu, I come from Tokyo Japan from the year 2039. I have the power to use Voids, which is an object created from a person's personality. If you're from my world and my Tokyo, please allow me to use your heart to help fight, or allow me to help you fight. But, I'll warn you. Using a Void is dangerous. If it breaks, you will die. I am prepared to bear the burden of it all though. Oh right, I can only extract a Void if you're seventeen or younger.

I hope we can all work together to protect everyone.

Anywhere in the city

[Shu is trying to get used to walking around Midgard. If you spot him, he'll just be curiously looking about. If you look closely however, you'll see that his right arm is completely crystal.]


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A reminder of our activity rules:

- The activity check goes up on the 1st of every month.

- To pass the activity check, you need to have either made 10 IC comments with your character OR have participated in some other form of activity such as IC Chat logs posted to the comm.

- Failure to meet required activity will result in a warning.

- Failure to meet required activity twice in a row will result in your character being booted from the game.

- If your character was introduced more than two weeks into the activity cycle (So after the 14th), you do not have to supply activity. (The original ruling for this was only one week, but we have decided to change that. For this cycle, characters introduced between the 7th and the 14th are exempt, but they will not be for any future checks.)

- If you were on hiatus for two or more weeks of the month, you may be excused from one (1) activity check.

You have one week to respond to this post with links to your character's activity from between June 1st and June 30th.
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[Lucca's been especially scarce during the stinkbomb incident, content to work outdoors where the smell was... lessened. But now she has a reason to be searching the city and the rooms of the Deeps in particular.]


My books are missing! The entire library is GONE! Ohhh gosh, if I don't find them soon... If, if anyone finds any books on robotics, circuitry, solid-state engineering or magiteck, can you bring 'em over? Please!?

[She sounds a little panicked. Everyone has their mote of security, and it seems that was hers. The books are scattered EVERYWHERE, tucked in planters, up trees, in bathrooms, being held by statues, in decorative tureens in the palace district, in coiled ropes down near the docks...]

[Also of note the drier texts are sometimes paired up with some interesting companions. Things bearing titles like "Tangled Pistons of Passion", and "Lust and Superfluids: No Resistance to the Heat." Oh my.]

Video ☆

Jul. 1st, 2012 02:18 pm
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[ Homura was lucky. Very lucky. She doesn't have much of importance for the Monkey King to take from her. Anything missing from her room has gone completely unnoticed; her books weren't going to be read anyway and she already stuck her new weapons in her shield.

But, just to be on the safe side, she decides to take precautions against a strike two. It's just taken her a while to summon the courage to actually bring this up publicly... It's terrifying to admit to this, since people may think poorly of her afterwards, but she has to. She can't risk being separated from her body.

Nothing of mine was taken, though I approve no less of those "hijinks". Despite my luck, I cannot count on it to continue. So I am taking precautions.

[ She holds her Soul Gem to the video. ] I am this gem. In the case that I am separated from my body, please return this to me as quickly as possible. I am hard to break, but I would appreciate you being careful.

Thank you. [ And she switches the camera's focus from herself to the wall. Not to be rude, but because she's a bit nervous after saying that and doesn't want to let it show. She immediately recognizes the downfalls of revealing her weakness... maybe she shouldn't put so much trust in these people.
Homura grips her gem tightly, then focuses the camera on herself again.

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[ Strangely enough, Wilhelm's room in the Deeps is... clean. Anyone who might have wandered in there before would have noticed it was thoroughly trashed, but now, it was as if nothing ever happened. And it's a known fact that Wilhelm didn't ask for help with cleaning his room. ]

The Monkey King was wise not to try to touch this.

[ Wilhelm says, as he turns to the Compass. There's a half-full glass of wine next to it, and the very corner of Joshua could be seen through the window adjacent to the window. Wilhelm doesn't seem even the slightest bit bothered by what transpired a few nights ago. If anything, he seems rather content. ]

It appears to be the only thing in my room he didn't come near. That is... intriguing.
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[The feed comes on to a worried-looking Asem.]

Guys, I've lost something really important thanks to that stupid Monkey King! I'm looking for a six-sided object, about half a foot long, shaped sort of like a keystone. It's gray and has a black screen. If you find it, you need to tell me, because I need to get it back!
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In the library district there's now a water spout with the dark haired Constance standing on the water reaching up to get the bracer she usually wears on her arm. Snagging it from the top of a lamp post she jumps down frowning, after all wet leather? Though seems she has several other items that were gracing the lights as well. How she did it without electrocuting herself's not exactly a trade secret.

Stuffing her bracer in her pocket she searched the rest of the plaza. There might be mumbling along the lines of drowning a monkey if she gets her hands on him. She walks over to a bench where she has a lot of the items she's collected already, hopping to find their owners.

She may be overdoing it a little with the water works though, the whole plaza's soaked.


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